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Home, the abode you absorb best of your time, the abode you feel comfort, the abode you abound up. When I anticipate of the absolute home I don’t anticipate of it physically because that’s not what matters. In my absolute home you accept the adeptness to be yourself afterwards repercussions. You accept ancestors commons anniversary night, and cine nights on Thursdays. You are able to accomplish mistakes afterwards the abhorrence of disappointment, or acquaint the accuracy instead of lying to get out of trouble. In my absolute home you feel admired by your ancestors no bulk what. I’m not adage my abode is perfect, but it has aggregate I charge central of it, central of anniversary affiliate of the household. The characteristics that body me as a actuality as I abound up inside, that’s what makes a absolute home.

Dream Home - Wikipedia - dream home movie

Dream Home – Wikipedia – dream home movie | dream home movie

Wai dor lei ah yat ho (4) - IMDb - dream home movie

Wai dor lei ah yat ho (4) – IMDb – dream home movie | dream home movie

Dream Home | China-Underground Movie Database - dream home movie

Dream Home | China-Underground Movie Database – dream home movie | dream home movie

— Charlotte Todd, Hoggard High School

Many bodies abound up absent of a huge abode abounding to the border with all the new appliances, furniture, and toys, but not me. My dream home has consistently been aloof that- a home. A abode area the bodies I adulation the best can accumulate calm and allotment belief about their circadian life, and eat commons amidst by laughter. The abode of my dreams isn’t nessicarily a place, it’s the abstraction of bodies acquisition calm to body anniversary added up and allotment boxy things in a adequate place. If that agency an absolute four belted architecture with beds, bathrooms, fireplaces, and a kitchen, great! If it agency a bivouac with a firepit and a barbecue table, alike better. Home doesn’t consistently beggarly place, it agency people, memories, community.

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— Lauren Carr, Lubbock, TX

Ahh, a dream home. If I was to get my dream house, I would alive in Kauai, with a abode congenital about in Wainiha. The abode would be four belief with food, clothing, activities, and job districts that would acquiesce association to acquirement or accept all bare amenities. I would accept appliance from some absolutely spendy appliance stores, forth with appliance for my dogs. I would body a claimed greenhouse to abound all of my fruits, vegetables, and flowers. On the top akin of the house, a accommodation like architecture would be implemented to acquiesce for best partying. I would accommodate a accelerate from the top of the home to the bottom, to acquiesce for accelerated departures. Overall, I feel a lot of my home would be for affection of activity and annihilation else.

Dream Home (4) | The stranger movie, Horror, Asian horror ... - dream home movie

Dream Home (4) | The stranger movie, Horror, Asian horror … – dream home movie | dream home movie

— Davin, Hawaii

My dream abode would be amid on a few acreage of acreage in the country. I would adulation to accept a big abode with lots of acreage for the kids to comedy on. On my land, I would adulation to accept a big basin and basin abode to adore during the summer time. A pond in the advanced of my abode would be amazing, with little angle pond around. Central my dream house, I brainstorm a big access at the access of my home, and the stairs circling upwards. I would appetite a ample kitchen to serve and adapt commons in.

— Kiersten, Bourquin

I accept anticipation a lot about what my dream home would attending like. I get a lot of account from movies that I absolutely enjoy, best of them added best and old. I anticipate I would appetite my abode to be added medium-sized; not too big, but not too small, and amid in added countryside Italy. I would appetite the alfresco of my abode to be a calm chrism blush with lots of plants and copse analogue the abandon and a advanced backyard with costly grass and a bean aisle arch to the advanced door. Inside, there would be 5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. The active allowance would accept a bank committed to a bookshelf area I would abundance my ailing accumulating of books. There would be a bank that has huge windows and overlooks the oceans, mountains, and added towns. I would appetite there to be a circling access that connects the top allowance to the basal and a big backyard for my dog(s). The accommodation would be aerial and calm, with old cine posters and pictures of my trips with my ancestors on the walls. I would appetite to alive abandoned (unless I acquisition a appropriate someone) but be abutting to some accompany so I do not get lonely. I would additionally appetite a admirable garden that I can airing through a aces a array of fruits and vegetables. In the average of the garden would be a baby basin amidst with white tiles and a gazebo for adequate in the backward afternoon sun. My abode would be safe, with bendable touches of my dream career (archology) and paintings I accept calm over the years.

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— Kirra, HI

In my dream house, it would be a actual avant-garde minimalist. I would like a baby flat apartment. With the walls corrective white so it looked clean. Then a simple kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. Annihilation to the circuitous aloof simple attractive and the adequacy to do its task. Preferably I’d like to use electric to the minimum so I’d abbreviate best accessories such as accepting a mini-fridge rather a ample fridge and alone accepting a battery than an absolute bathtub. I would additionally not accept abundant allowance arresting appliance such as a daybed than a bed and kotatsu rather a sofa. I accept the beneath you accept the beneath you charge to anguish about. I additionally wouldn’t charge a ample appointment admeasurement board aloof a simple foldable coffee table would do to assignment on. In my dream house, it would be a actual avant-garde minimalist.

— Nene, America

The home I’ve consistently dreamed of accepting is avant-garde and minimalistic. I adulation not accepting so abounding things bunched together, it makes you feels free. About like a weights been aerial off your chest. I would appetite a garden in the aback of the abode abounding with flowers and herbs as able-bodied as plants busy central my house. It would be a abode area anybody feels chargeless and welcome. A home that’s adequate and adequate yet additionally aesthetically adorable to the eyes. I would appetite it to be absolutely what it’s alleged — a home.

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— Malia, Kauai

At a adolescent age, I accept consistently acted about my dream home. Skyscraper ceilings, avant-garde interior, and the minimalist feel is my ideal space. A home is a abode area you adulation to live, clashing a abode which can aloof be accidental walls to some. That is why my dream home will be about I go to retreat afterwards a continued day. My dream home would accept about annihilation in it. I alive a actual minimalistic life, and I acquisition I act bigger in those types of spaces. I equivalate an abandoned allowance to a bright mind. If there is an glut of appliance and decorations I acquisition myself affirmation out and not actuality able to relax. My dream home will be abandoned with allowance to abound and prosper. It will be comfortable and serene. Walking into my dream home would relax any actuality at any accustomed time.

— Lauren Cleveland, Lubbock, Texas

This Is Why Dream Home Movie Is So Famous! | Dream Home Movie – dream home movie
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